Norwegian Fjords on Queen Mary 2 | April 6 - 13, 2025 | Escorted Sailing

 Join Triptician as we sail the Norwegian Fjords April 6 - 13, 2025

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Norwegian Fjords April 6 - 13, 2025.

Colorful architecture, rolling green meadows, and striking mountain views are yours to savor on this seven-night voyage to Norway. Call Queen Mary 2’s decks your home as you sail in comfort and style.

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 1: April 6, 2025 Set sail from Southampton

Located in the picturesque English county of Hampshire, Southampton is a vibrant waterfront city, serviced by direct trains to London, an airport, and an international cruise terminal. Explore the city’s maritime heritage and links to RMS Titanic in the Sea City Museum, see contemporary British art in the Cultural Quarter, or walk the medieval walls in the Old Town, paying a visit to the Tudor House and Garden. 

Day 2: April 7, 2025 - Day at Sea


Day 3: April 8, 2025 - Stavanger, Norway

Once the European Capital of Culture, the Norwegian city of Stavanger is blessed with a compelling history and unbridled beauty effortlessly blending the old with the new. From its ancient port the city fans out along a network of islands, each one connected to its neighbor by an elegant bridge. In Gamle Stavanger (the historic center) artists’ workshops still occupy 18th century houses, much as they did in years gone by. It’s a wonderful chance to step back in time and immerse in the Stavanger of old, while the city’s museums shed light on Stavanger’s long-standing relationship to the sea. 


Day 4: April 9, 2025 - Alesund, Norway

Sailing through Norway’s glass-like waters on route to Alesund, you’ll be struck by a sweeping peninsula of Art Nouveau architecture, stretching to lush greenery, where mountain peaks reach skyward, reflected in the converging fjords.

Arriving in Alesund, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped off your ship into the pages of a fairy-tale. A myriad of towering spires and decorative turrets, it’s easy to see why this vibrant fishing port is regarded as one of the prettiest cities in Norway.  A town that rose from the ashes after almost being destroyed in its entirety by a fire in 1904, Alesund now expands across seven small islands, seamlessly connected via an elaborate network of underwater tunnels. Welcoming locals, delicious fresh cuisine, enchanting architecture, and breathtaking scenery are just some of the highlights to look forward to if your Norwegian adventure includes a call in Alesund.


Day 5: April 10, 2025  - Olden, Norway  cruise by Innvikfjorden and Nordfjord

When you reluctantly depart from this peaceful village of the picturesque Nordfjord, you'll no doubt have some breathtaking and unforgettable scenes etched into your memory, and your camera roll too. Giant waterfalls cascade the mountains, mineral-rich Lake Lovatn glints with a milky turquoise sheen and the  Kjenndalen Glacier reveals a green-tinged glow. 

Innvikfjorden, Norway 

A sense of wonderment awaits as you sail Innvikfjorden, just one highlight of Norway’s beautiful network of fjords. The villages and farmsteads along its coastline really put things into perspective. Enjoy the placid waters, the sheer scale of the stunning scenery and features created by nature’s power over the millennia, and appreciate humans’ wish to live among its beauty and resources.

Nordfjord, Norway

Sailing offers by far the best way to appreciate the scale and majesty of this ancient region, where the palette of blues, grays, and greens are occasionally punctuated by an ambitious hiker or a wild pony grazing at the fjord’s edge. Certain branches of the Nordfjord even resemble a tropical paradise, with near-transparent waters fringing beaches composed entirely of pure white sand. Whether you choose to admire these passing views while strolling your ship’s deck or tucked under a blanket in the privacy of your stateroom’s balcony, your sail-by of the Nordfjord is guaranteed to deliver some of the most memorable scenery you’ll experience on your Norway cruise. A journey that delivers no end of outstanding views, a cruise-by of Nordfjord is your chance to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing natural scenery that’s a signature of sailing Norway’s fjords.

In this respect, your cruise-by of Nordfjord will not disappoint. Norway’s sixth largest fjord is home to Europe’s biggest mainland glacier, as well as the continent’s deepest lake. These accolades, while impressive, are just the pinnacle of what makes sailing in this part of Norway so special. Nordfjord has been shaped by the elements over centuries, and the result is a rugged yet beautiful landscape that has remained unspoiled throughout the passage of time. 


Day 6: April 11, 2025  - Bergen, Norway

Your fascinating “Gateway to the Fjords” is Norway’s second-largest city, Bergen. Its maritime trade and oil industry remain vital to the economy and it’s a thriving epicenter of culture and history. Visit the old quays of Bryggen, a World Heritage Site, and the medieval wooden houses of the city’s waterfront. You can even take a peek inside the workshops of local painters, weavers and craftsmen.


Day 7: April 12, 2025 - Day at Sea

Day 8: April 13, 2025. - Southampton, England

Your cruise journey ends today and time to disembark with a lifetime of memories.


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